New in Store 26 Apr 22

Rescuing Robin Hood is a collaborative deck-building game that takes 45-60 min and plays 1-3 players (PNP version; actual game plays 1-5 players). Robin Hood has been captured! As the leaders of the Merry Band you have only 5 days to come to his rescue, using all the Wit, Brawn and Stealth you can muster. Each […]

New in Store 25 Mar 22

Darkness Darkness is a strategy card game set in ancient Northern Europe where druids vie for control of powerful artifacts. It’s a simultaneous action game where players play a progressing amount of colored cards in order to acquire unclaimed artifacts and relics, in a complex, and fun game of prediction, observation, and thought. Game play […]

New in Store 25 Dec 21

Wishing all our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! It’s the moment that you have been waiting for all year long.. It’s time for our end-of-year sale!Take 20% off store-wide till 1st Jan 2022! Use discount code “Xmas20randomskill” at the checkout page and spread the love to your friends and family 🙂 Board […]

New Print and Plays 11 Nov 2020

Hideous Abomination Sharpen your bone saws and practice your whipstitching, the competition has begun! Take turns laying body part tiles to build your own unique abomination, trying to get the most desirable features and win the most trophies. With randomized winconditions, secret objectives, and 100 unique body parts, no two games are ever the same. […]

So you think you can be a board game designer? Part 10 – Sell Sheet

In our previous blog entry, we have mentioned quite a bit on the various ways to go about marketing your game designs. Regardless of which method you choose, it originates from a single source, the SELL SHEET.  A sell sheet is the one tool that creates the first impression to your game design. A quote […]

Play this with your kids – Washing Lines

Have you ever experienced an embarrassing moment when your little ones barge into the room and interrupt that all important phone call with your clients while working from home? Don’t have a budget to buy toys for them to keep them entertained while you work? We have a solution for you! In this new blog […]

So you think you can be a board game designer? (Part 4) Differentiation

After deciding on the theme, dabbling on some of the mechanics and setting up a solo variant for your game, I realized that I did not elaborate on the importance of differentiating yourself from the thousands of board game designs that are newly created each year.  The competition in the board game design space is […]

So you think you can be a board game designer? (Part 3) Trends

I hope you have taken the necessary precautions to avoid the pitfalls that I have mentioned in my previous blog entry. From my discussion in Part 2 of the series, I have advocated the pragmatic approach in designing a board game whereby I talked about taking the path of the least resistance to get your […]

So you think you can be a board game designer? (Part 2) Mechanics

After discussing about themes from the previous blog entry, I am pretty sure you have a better idea of what to look out for when deciding on that awe-inspiring theme for your next game design. So what next? If theme is the face of a board game, mechanics is the heart that drives the game […]

So you think you can be a board game designer? (Part 1)

“Board game design is easy. You just have to put a bunch of cards and dice together to make it work.” “Designing a board game is much simpler than designing a video game” These are just some of the comments from board game enthusiasts, whom I have met, interested in taking the next steps in […]