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Wishing all our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

It’s the moment that you have been waiting for all year long.. It’s time for our end-of-year sale!
Take 20% off store-wide till 1st Jan 2022!

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Board Game Design Advice

Take your games to the next level with advice from more than 100 of the best board game designers in the world. Game design is hard. We all need sound advice to guide our work and help us become better at the craft. In this book, you’ll find incredible wisdom and insight from the top designers in the industry today. You will learn:

  • The advice Rob Daviau would give his younger self.
  • How Matt Leacock gets into the zone and flow of design.
  • Lessons Jamey Stegmaier learned from his biggest failure.
  • Donald X. Vaccarino’s advice on pitching a game to a publisher.
  • The behavior that has helped Ryan Laukat’s designs dramatically improve.
  • What Bruno Cathala would tell you after a discouraging playtest.
  • And much more!

Category:  Book, Game Design

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