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Fleet of Foxes

Fleet of Foxes brings all of the fun of battling your friends with spaceships to roll and write games!

Roll 3 dice, then take turns placing your dice completing actions. Players will be able to upgrade their abilities, attack their opponent, regain health, and shield from incoming attacks. Attacks are tallied at the end of the turn less the shield values. Players will gain bonus effects each time they deal 3 or more damage to their opponent.

Players will gain energy to upgrade abilities allowing for stronger effects. The top most row can have up to 3 dice on them while upgraded abilities may only have 1 die on them. Players can learn abilities to the left, right, or below from a previously learned ability. This will give the players plenty of options for upgrading their fleet.

Do you lean into shields and hit point regeneration? Can you stall your opponent’s attack and gradually wear them down? Or do you go for the big blasts and push for that super nova win of running your opponent out of hit points as quickly as possible?

With 4 different character sheets, players will find plenty of variability and options for battling their foes! Will the Explorer be your guide? Do you pick the Mechanic for her dice changing abilities? What about the MP who can block just about any attack headed her way? What about the Space Marine with his ability to deal huge damage to himself and his opponent? Each character presents their own play style!

Plus no need for holding sheets back with stretch goals or asking backers to pay extra, nope, not here. We want you to have all 4 for just your pledge amount! Join the Fleet and get ready to battle!

Players will find additional challenge with being able to play with up to 3 friends playing 2 vs 2 or free for all with 3 players!

Even more challenges await, we’re also including 9 cards for solo or cooperative play! You can even chain multiple challenge cards to battle against the Wolf and his minions. Its time to take back the controlled space and free the Foxes!

Get ready to roll, write, and win!

Category: Dice, Roll-and-write, Worker Placement

Dice Dodgems

Dice Dodgems is a 30 minute strategy game of dodging and bumping for 2-4 players.

In Dice Dodgems, players control miniature dodgems as they dodge and bump around the arena. The goal of the game is to take dice by bumping other Dodgems. The winner is the first player to take dice equal to the number of players plus 1.

Dice Dodgems: Print & Play is for those of us that simply have too many spare dice lying around the house. This edition comes as a printable PDF that has everything needed to get dodging and bumping; simply bring your own 20 dice (six-sided / D6) to the party.

Category: Dice, Grid Movement

A compilation of new Print & Play can be here:

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