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In Flamingo, players seek to create the best flamingo habitat in their marshland to draw the most accolades from the Audubon Society and The Flamingo Specialist Group.

Over a variable number of rounds, players choose 1-3 actions based on the dice drawn. Dice are used to gain a flamingo, gain an egg, and improve skills in nesting, feeding, and flocking. Players have 35 actions for the whole game. In order to win, they must most carefully use their dice to achieve their goals in those five areas.

While the dice are random, players can control their use and develop a better plan each turn. Further, if two dice of the same color are drawn from the bag, they may be treated as any color.

In skills, players must use die values to make equations true, using skills in logic to aid teaching if game schoolers are interested. Additionally, there is a further math component of players using multipliers with various areas to score points for other areas.

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Crash Test Zombies

Welcome to Crash Test Zombies Propulsion labs, founded 2045 CE. Our mission is to create the safest conditions for humans. Since the failed zombie apocalypse of 2042, zombies have found gainful employment with CTZ Propulsion Labs. Each crash teaches us about impact and safety to ensure the greatest level of safety. 

Crash Test Zombies is a revolutionary game, from Roll and Write Revolution, where players are using a pizza saver table to launch their die and hopefully land it on the target. The value of the die is recorded as this is what the zombie crashed into from roller skates to ice cream trucks to UFOs. Your opponents will also launch their own dice. Doing so may result in a change to your die which you will record at the beginning of your turn before launching again. 

As you gain skill with each type of crash you will earn bonus effects such as relaunches. Points are also scores based on how many of the target rings you have landed on. Get your crash gear ready for this brand new game! Bring up to 3 friends to play on the same sheet or take on the crash test missions solo!

Category: Dice, Roll-and-Write

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