Overbooked is a strategy puzzle board game that takes a fun and light-hearted approach towards the controversial topic of airline booking. Inspired by the United Airline incident whereby a paid passenger was forcibly removed from the aircraft to make space for United Airline’s staff, this game allows players to put themselves in the shoes of competitive airlines. All players strive to be the most prestigious airline, but it won’t be easy! Seat too many passengers and you will have unhappy passengers; seat too few passengers and you may not have enough prestige points to win. This game aims to raise to awareness of the social, political and financial consequences of overbooking and how to improve management decisions and safety practices in the service industry while bringing family and friends together over a fun and friendly tabletop game.


  • 4 player boards (2-3 player side and 4 player side)
  • 72 passenger cards
  • 24 voucher cubes
  • 150 passenger discs (30 x 5 colours)

How to Play


Game Designer

overbooked designer

Who is the game designer?

Daryl Chow is an up-and-coming game designer with a number of games due to be released including games with publishers such as Z-Man Games, Indie and a number of independent publishers. Having trained with both the Western and Eastern disciplines of board game design for many years before deciding to publish, he strives to incorporate the hallmarks of both schools by creating clean, thematic and thoughtful games. Daryl also has a doctorate in theoretical linguistics and is currently teaching at National Institute of Education of Singapore (NIE).

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