Randomskill Games

Randomskill Games was founded in 2014 on a mission to cultivate more human-to-human interactions.

After the success of two Kickstarter projects, Randomskill Games had since shifted away from game publishing. The current business model provides a huge focus on the needs of game designers with the works of a licensing agency which pairs designers with publishers.  Complimenting that, Randomskill Games has also launched a print-and-play digital distribution platform that allows designers to showcase their print-and-plays to the world.

The Team

Ethan Leong

Founder/Executive Director

Ethan was brought into the fascinating world of board gaming through trading wood, fish and grains in the ports of Le Harve. Through the love of this hobby, he has created games such as Lawless Empire and Overbooked. From the experiences he has gained through publishing, he has embarked on a journey to give back to the wonderful board gaming community by building the right bridges between designers, publishers and distributors. With his passion and newfound mission, he hopes to introduce more traders to the ports of Le Harve and, hopefully, one day terraform Mars into a habitable planet.

Shin Wong

Honourary President

Shin began his journey as a game designer in 2014. Lawless Empire is a product of his passion.

Having experience as a Sales and Marketing Director in an established board game manufacturing company, Shin’s expertise is invaluable to partners and friends of Randomskill Games.

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