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Designer – Benny Sperling

Artist – Benny Sperling

In Flamingo, players seek to create the best flamingo habitat in their marshland to draw the most accolades from the Audubon Society and The Flamingo Specialist Group.

Over a variable number of rounds, players choose 1-3 actions based on the dice drawn. Dice are used to gain a flamingo, gain an egg, and improve skills in nesting, feeding, and flocking. Players have 35 actions for the whole game. In order to win, they must most carefully use their dice to achieve their goals in those five areas.

While the dice are random, players can control their use and develop a better plan each turn. Further, if two dice of the same color are drawn from the bag, they may be treated as any color.

In skills, players must use die values to make equations true, using skills in logic to aid teaching if game schoolers are interested. Additionally, there is a further math component of players using multipliers with various areas to score points for other areas.


  • Player Sheets

Additional Components Required

  • 6 six-sided dice (2 each in 3 different colors: Blue, Pink, Brown are recommended)
  • Writing utensils
  • Bag for the dice

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Players: 1-100
Duration: 15-45 Min
Age: 12+

USD $3.99

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