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Chai Deluxe


In Chai, you will step into the shoes of a tea merchant, combining tea flavours to make a perfect blend. Specializing in either rooibos, green, oolong, black or white tea, you will buy and collect ingredients to fulfill your customers’ orders.

As a tea merchant, each turn you will do one of the following:

  • Visit the Market – The player immediately receives a gold coin and selects a tea flavour tile (mint, jasmine, lemon, ginger, berries, and lavender), adding to their tea box. If the flavour tile is touching tiles of the same type these tiles are also taken. Payment (gold, silver, or a copper coin) is placed in the money pouch corresponding to the furthest-right column the tiles were in. Players cannot have more than 12 flavour tiles in their tea box at any time.
  • Select Additives – Tea additive cards (milk, sugar, honey, vanilla, and chai spices) are also needed to complete most orders. A player may conduct two actions in the additive area: selecting all of the additive cards of one type (with new cards drawn after the first action), resetting the visible cards, or drawing a card from the additive deck. Players cannot have more than 6 additive cards in their tea box at any time.
  • Reserve a Customer – A player may also reserve a customer card from the customer pool from the visible cards or draw deck. If drawing a visible card, a new card is immediately drawn faceup into the customer pool to replace the card taken. A player cannot have more than 3 unfulfilled customer cards at any time in their tea box. If a player has more than 3 cards, a card is discarded and placed faceup in the customer pool with a copper coin from the money pouch placed on top.

At the end of each turn, a player may complete a tea order from one customer card in their hand or visible in the customer pool. A base tea token, tea flavours and additives shown on the card are needed ingredients, and placed in an empty tea cup. The player flips over a tip and receives a coin bonus, moving the thermometer round tracker up one notch if all cups are filled.

The game ends when five rounds of cups have been fulfilled. When the final order is completed, other players complete their last turn so that each player has played the same number of turns.
To score, players add up their victory points from fulfilled customer orders, and add their leftover money to this total. In 3-5 player games, additional points are awarded to the player(s) who fulfilled the most orders and most diverse tea recipes. Award ties are friendly with each winner receiving 5 points.

The player with the most victory points (from customer orders, money, and awards) wins the game as best tea merchant! In the case of a tie, the person with the least number of fulfilled customer cards wins. If still tied, the person with the least amount of money wins. If that does not break a tie, the victory is shared.

Category: Economic, Drafting, Set Collection


Chai: High Tea (Expansion)


Celebrate the diversity of tea cultures in Chai: High Tea, an expansion for Chai! Merchants spice up their teahouses with new player powers, featuring afternoon tea to refreshing horchata, or a sip of yerba mate.

Tea merchants receive unique double-sided ability boards at the start of the game. Abilities are used as an optional free action on a turn, and the board flips over whenever an ability is used.

This expansion includes 6 ability boards with 12 unique abilities, in addition to 2 transparent dice. Additional rules make the expansion compatible with Chai’s solo and co-op gameplay.

Category: Economic, Drafting, Set Collection


FUSION: Asteroid Mining

FUSION: Asteroid Mining is a free, solo, Print N Play Science Fiction game set at a time in the future when asteroids are being mined for their resources. The player chooses and lays tiles representing an area of space, then moves their starship from tile to tile so they can mine the asteroids and trade the material for credits. Opposing the players are a police force that will tax the player, that move according to direction arrows on the tiles

Category: Pick up and Deliver, Tile Placement



You are rival naturalists aspiring to gain official recognition from the Queen by luring the best animals from her royal gardens.

Animals require different Bait or Traps depending on what they prefer to eat and where they are in the Garden. Many of the Animals have special quirks that alter the way the game is played and lead to incredible combos!

Earn as many points as you can by collecting Animals before the Queen arrives. The highest score wins.


Use your turn either accumulating Bait or using it to lure Animals from a shared area. Animals require different Bait depending on what they prefer and where they are in the Garden. Earn as many points as you can by collecting Animals before the Queen arrives. The highest score wins!


  • Fast turns, interesting decisions!
  • Easy to print: 90 cards, nothing else
  • Allows for clever, evolving strategies
  • Each Animal is unique and interesting
  • High replay-ability (due to setup randomness)
  • Simple, inviting images/theme

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