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FUSION: Asteroid Mining

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FUSION: Asteroid Mining is a free, solo, Print N Play Science Fiction game set at a time in the future when asteroids are being mined for their resources. The player chooses and lays tiles representing an area of space, then moves their starship from tile to tile so they can mine the asteroids and trade the material for credits. Opposing the players are a police force that will tax the player, that move according to direction arrows on the tiles


  • Rule book (11 pages)
  • 60 Space tiles
  • 1 player mat
  • 10 Free Action tokens
  • 4 tracking tokens
  • Player starship mat
  • 3 PRISE Peacekeepers

Additional Component Required

  • None

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FUSION: Asteroid Mining

Players: 1
Duration: 30-60 Min
Age: 8+

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