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In 5150: New Beginnings you’re thrust into a bustling, living, urban environment, hundreds of years in the future…or maybe it’s now but just far, far away. Your goal is to take your Character, your “Star”, as far as it can go. Acquire wealth, fight crime, commit crimes, live large or fly under the radar; it’s up to you.

Want to be an Interplanetary Smuggler or a Bounty Hunter? Yep, you can be that. Want to feel the rush of jacking up your body with the latest technology and running on the edge?

Oh yeah baby, this is the place.

Inside you’ll find everything you’ll need to play an exciting Sci-Fi immersion adventure game designed with Solo and Co-op play in mind, including:

  • Four Color Cardstock Battle Boards and over one hundred and ten Character Counters.
  • Five Character Classes and thirty different Alien races, including Robots.
  • Unique Attributes and Skills to create your Characters.
  • More than twenty different Professions ranging from the hum-drum to the exotic.
  • A quick and easy Economics System, that gets you playing the game instead of bookkeeping the game, and lets you know if you’re living the High Life or living as a Low Life.
  • A realistic and deadly Combat System.
  • Exploring Alien worlds for adventure and profit.
  • A gaming environment where no two games ever play exactly alike.
  • Fifteen unique Encounters/Scenarios that build your Story.
  • Thirty-two interlocked Encounters over two Storylines.
  • Oh, yeah, a complete stand-alone Sci-Fi Boxing game that lets your Star get into the Ring or bet on those that do.
  • All this and much more.

5150: New Beginnings can be played solo, same side against the game (Co-op) or head to head. Play on the Battle Boards with the Counters or with any minis you may already have. 5150: New Beginnings is all about the Story – your Story. So, clear out some time, get a relaxing beverage of choice and …

Category: Dice, Wargame

Win or Go Home! is a racing game where you can take a driver and improve him (or her) over the course of a career.

Unlike other racing games, it’s the pack of cars that moves around the track.

Win or Go Home can be played with the counters we’ve provided or with any die cast models you may already have.

Inside you’ll find:

  • A game that can be played solo, cooperatively, or as a head-to-head competition.
  • A system that lets non-player drivers race against players, and allows the non-player drivers to follow their own strategies while remaining competitive.
  • A campaign system that, with little bookkeeping, allows you to race a full season.
  • Playable with die cast vehicles in any scale, or even cardboard counters if you want.
Category: Dice

Deathly Thrones is a print at home solitaire roguelike game using a deck of 52 playing cards and a quest booklet in a “zine” format.

Playing cards are used in an original way.
The 1 to 9 ♡ and ♤ cards are the Health and Armor counters.
The 1 to 9 ♧ and ♢ cards are the Battle cards.
The rest of the cards, the 10 to King of all colors, are the Steps cards.

Each turn the player follow 3 phases:

  1. Draw a step cards: Then, read the quest to move your character to this event.
  2. Apply the event: Take a nap, fall in a trap, fight monsters, etc
  3. Check: If the player manage to succeed the event, they start over from phase [1]. If they didn’t, they lose. If they beat the boss at the 40th step, they won!

It take less than one minute to setup and each game takes 10-20 minutes. The rules are simple, you choose your hero, note your health and armor, and then select a quest ‘zine to conquer a new throne!

Game published in ‘Print&Play’ format and delivery in two versions: A zine one containing the pages for all the quests that it can be fold into booklets ; A standalone one, that they can reference on digital devices or print for a non-folding reference sheet.

Category: Scenario/Mission/Campaign, Role Playing

A compilation of new Print & Play can be here:

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