Deathly Thrones

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Designer – Josselin Loizeau

Deathly Thrones is a print at home solitaire roguelike game using a deck of 52 playing cards and a quest booklet in a “zine” format.

Playing cards are used in an original way.
The 1 to 9 ♡ and ♤ cards are the Health and Armor counters.
The 1 to 9 ♧ and ♢ cards are the Battle cards.
The rest of the cards, the 10 to King of all colors, are the Steps cards.

Each turn the player follow 3 phases:

  1. Draw a step cards: Then, read the quest to move your character to this event.
  2. Apply the event: Take a nap, fall in a trap, fight monsters, etc
  3. Check: If the player manage to succeed the event, they start over from phase [1]. If they didn’t, they lose. If they beat the boss at the 40th step, they won!

It take less than one minute to setup and each game takes 10-20 minutes. The rules are simple, you choose your hero, note your health and armor, and then select a quest ‘zine to conquer a new throne!

Game published in ‘Print&Play’ format and delivery in two versions: A zine one containing the pages for all the quests that it can be fold into booklets ; A standalone one, that they can reference on digital devices or print for a non-folding reference sheet.


  • Rules (1 page)

  • 10 Quests (10 pages)

  • Editor (3 pages)

  • All files are available in Color, Black & White, A4 and Letter format

Additional Components Required:

  • Standard 52-card poker deck

Deathly Thrones

Players: 1
Duration: 10-20 Min
Age: 8+

USD $6.99

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