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Animo City

Players are powerful families that profit from shady building contracts during the Spanish real state bubble. The city will grow really fast, but the rushing of projects and the high competitiveness will result in the characteristic shitty urban planning of some of our cities. Thanks to easy access to mortgage loans, the success of these deals primarily depends on the appeal of the placement of each building.

Animo City is a small card game that uses cards to delimit an imaginary board where a city will be developed.

Building cards can be played face down as building lots, or face up to raise a building on a lot you already own. Spread too fast claiming lots and you won’t have many options to react to what happens next. Spread too slow and other players will take the best spots first.

At the end of the game, buildings are scored granting happiness and sadness points depending on specific conditions. Besides the name of this game being homonymous for “animosity”, the word “ánimo” is Spanish for “mood”.

Category: Area Control, Hand Management

Beach Life

While building a giant sandcastle, you notice that you are sharing the beach with a variety of sea-dwellers. You discard your bucket and space to give the creatures a helping hand. Get points for helping each animal, most points wins.

Beach Life is a ‘roll and write’ game. One player rolls the dice and each player decides how they will use the dice rolls on their own board. One dice determines which mini game you are working on, another determines the number you’ll use within that game. The number on the third dice can be used five times in the game as a bonus action.

The game finishes when one player has taken three ‘no throws’.

Beach Life is a ‘Placemat’ game – a game contained entirely within an A3 placemat (including the rules). Just add three standard D6 dice.

Category: Roll-and-write, Dice



You have inherited a palatial stately home, but sadly it’s in a terrible state of repair. The house is falling down and the grounds are being reclaimed by nature. You must tackle this fixer-upper before you can move in. Protect the historical features and cover up the worst of the blemishes to gain the most points.

One player rolls two dice. Play is simultaneous. Each
player plays at the same time on their own scoresheet. Each player chooses how to use the two dice. Other players may make other decisions.

One die shows the location (area) for the construction while the other shows the shape of the area that can be renovated.

Each player fills in their chosen shape type within their selected area. Players should aim to cover the squares containing the triangles and leave the squares containing the circles uncovered.

If you can’t draw a shape, you must cross off a ‘no throw’ box. The game ends when someone has crossed off all three of their ‘no throw’ boxes. The player who is furthest through their renovation wins.

Category: Dice, Puzzle, Roll-and-write

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