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Wyrd: The Descent

It is a Dark Age in Wyrd: The Descent, and you are Wyrd now.

Magik has cursed you with demonic possession.

The only escape from possession is death.

But your demon will not let you go quietly. You must seek your release from the Horrors that infest this world, the same Horrors you once fought to destroy.

Venture into the Hollows, the ancient and forgotten places of the world, lure out dark Horrors, and take as many of them with you as you can before they drag you to your grave. For you are Wyrd now.

Wyrd: The Descent is a Grimdark, solo, pen and paper dungeon crawl. All you need is the rules, a standard set of RPG dice, a pen and some paper.

Roll the dice to determine what Hollows you find, how many Horrors await you there, how you destroy them and if there is anything you can Scavenge from their cursed remains. The game will only end when you have succumbed to your fate and destroyed as many Horrors as you possibly can.

Category: Dice, Role-playing, Storytelling, RPG


You are stranded on a desert island. Use the resources at your disposal to make life more comfortable and/or increase your chances of rescue. Get points for developing your island. But will you try to make a home on this tropical paradise or do everything you can to get out of there?

Castaway is a ‘roll and write’ game. One player rolls the dice and each player decides how they will use the dice rolls on their own board. The dice show the coordinates on the map and indicate the area you must work on each turn. The choice of action within that area is yours. Will you cut down trees or plant new ones? Will you build a shelter or plunder a shipwreck? The choice is yours.

The game finishes when one player is rescued, abandoned or becomes self-sustained.

Castaway is a ‘Placemat’ game – a game contained entirely within an A3 placemat (including the rules). Just add two standard D6 dice.

Category: Dice, Roll-and-write

Mini Town

You stand in an empty field and survey the land around. “This will be Mini Town!” you announce to the birds dramatically. As self-elected mayor, it’s your job to oversee development of the new town. Build your infrastructure and services to best serve the community and, of course, to gain the most points!

Mini Town is a family game for any number of players that plays in around 20 minutes.

Play is simultaneous: each player plays at the same time on their own scoresheet. Each player chooses how to use the rolls of two dice. Other players may make other decisions. One die shows the location (row or column) for the construction. Choose from any of the available squares in the row and column. The other die shows the type of construction (road, park, house, library cafe or shop) that can be built in one square. Each player draws their chosen construction type within their chosen location. When all players have used the dice roll, re-roll for the next turn.

Category: Dice, Roll-and-write

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