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Animo City

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Designer – Aitor G. Guridi

Artist – Aitor G. Guridi

Publisher – Sinpa Games

Players are powerful families that profit from shady building contracts during the Spanish real state bubble. The city will grow really fast, but the rushing of projects and the high competitiveness will result in the characteristic shitty urban planning of some of our cities. Thanks to easy access to mortgage loans, the success of these deals primarily depends on the appeal of the placement of each building.

Animo City is a small card game that uses cards to delimit an imaginary board where a city will be developed.

Building cards can be played face down as building lots, or face up to raise a building on a lot you already own. Spread too fast claiming lots and you won’t have many options to react to what happens next. Spread too slow and other players will take the best spots first.

At the end of the game, buildings are scored granting happiness and sadness points depending on specific conditions. Besides the name of this game being homonymous for “animosity”, the word “ánimo” is Spanish for “mood”.


  • Rulebook (6 pages)
  • 48 Building Cards
  • 1 City Center Card
  • 3 Seizable Terrain Cards
  • 10 Special Building Black Coloured Cards
  • 5 Bush Cards
  • 4 Special Lot Cards
  • 18 Mountain Cards
  • 40 Tokens (Happiness)
  • 20 Tokens (Sadness)

Additional Components Required:

  • None
Credits: Sinpa Games

Animo City

Players: 2-4
Duration: 30 Min
Age: 16+

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