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Your life-long dream of opening your own restaurant will soon become a reality. But first you must work on the menu, hire some staff, find a location, choose some fixtures and fittings and get the word out across the town. You have money in three different accounts at the bank. Use them wisely, or you may run out of money before you’re ready to open.

Play is simultaneous. On each turn, one player rolls all three dice and each player chooses how to the dice rolls on their own scoresheet.

1 die shows which numbered mini game you are playing this turn. If you choose a six for this die, you may pick any of the five games. 1 die shows what number you will use within that mini game and the third die shows the account you will spend money from in the bank.

The five different mini games all work in different ways…
In game 1 you are creating your menu – by adding elements to plates. In game 2 you are interviewing and hiring staff to work in your cafe. Game 3 enables you to choose the location of your restaurant. In game 4, you’re able to select the best fixtures and fittings and create your own personal style, while game 5 helps you to get the word out to potential customers in the area.

Completing milestones within each games triggers bonuses – giving you extra turns and possibly creating a cascade of chaining actions. Players can also earn rosettes which give extra points at the end of the game.

Total up each of your mini games and add your rosette bonus to give your final score. Most points wins!

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The Grand Opening

You’ve worked towards this moment for so long. You’ve spent countless hours on the menu, perfected the decor and spread the word far and wide… now it’s time to fling the doors open and welcome the first customers to your new cafe. But can you get the right food to the right customers at the right time? Or will unserved dishes pile up while fussy customers get increasingly hangry?

Play is simultaneous. On each round, one player rolls both dice. All players choose how to use the dice rolls on their own scoresheet. Each round represents a different time slot in the restaurant. There are three actions you may take on any turn:
1) Seat Customers, 2) Make Food, 3) Serve Food.

If you seat a ‘6’ customer, you need to try to serve them a ‘6’ meal, but you’ll need a ‘6’ waiter to serve the dish. Lower numbered customers give you fewer points but are easier to keep happy.

Serve breakfast food to breakfast customers before the brunch sitting starts. Score negative points for unfed customers and wasted food. Score double points for feeding special guests.

The player who has the highest score at the end of the game wins.

Category: Dice, Roll-and-write

Lingo Land

The King of Lingo Land sets all visitors a task and only the highest performers are admitted. You’re under pressure and you need to impress. Five complete words must be created to secure your entry. The longer the word, the more you’ll score and topical words are even better. But beware, gobbledygook will get you nowhere!

Before you play, as a group choose a category (e.g., the ocean, food & drink or board games) and write it down.

Play is simultaneous. Each player chooses how to use the two dice on their own scoresheet. One die shows the box a letter must be chosen from and the other die shows the line that letter must be written on.

Each player writes their chosen letter anywhere on the selected line. Players may choose any letter from the box. Each letter can be used an unlimited number of times. Sixes are wild and can be used instead of any other number. Cross off a ‘Pass’ box if you choose not to place a letter.

Each player is allowed a maximum of three passes. After your third pass, you must withdraw from the game. Other players may continue until they have used all their passes. When the last player has finished, the game ends.

Your aim is to make a complete word on each line. You score points according to the length of the word, as shown on the scoresheet. If your word is relevant to the chosen category score two extra points.

To play, you’ll need to print a scoresheet for each player. You’ll receive the file in black and white, for easy printing. You may like to laminate your scoresheets and use dry erase pens to play. This will reduce your need to print new sheets out.

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Bank Or Bust

You headed west to make your fortune, but the situation is volatile. You’ve got to keep pushing your luck to improve your advantage and claim the bounty. But go too far and you may end up with nothing! Will you play it safe or risk it all on a big win?

Play is simultaneous. The game occurs over several rounds. On each round, one player rolls a single die multiple times. Players track the numbers rolled on the path around the edge of their scoresheet. Each time the die is rolled, the number thrown is added to the previous total.

If a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 is thrown: After each throw, independently each player must decide whether to bank OR spend OR continue.

If a 6 is thrown: Any player still in the round busts. When you bust, cross off a bust box. You may not bank or spend any money. If you run out of bust boxes, you are out of the game.

Points in the bank will count towards your end game score. Points spent will give you benefits later in the game. Maybe you’ll start higher up the track each turn, or score double on fives… The higher up the track you push, the greater the potential rewards, but the further you have to fall…

The winner is the player who banks the most by the end of the game.

Category: Roll-and-write, Dice, Push-your-luck

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