New Print and Play (PnP) 01 Feb 2021

Invasion! Your squad of 2 mechs must protect cities from giant monsters, while completing goals to earn upgrades across a 6-game campaign. This game is shamelessly inspired by the excellent video game Into the Breach, by Subset Games.

The Monsters get bigger and meaner. You will see status effects of Ice, Acid and Smoke to name a few. And if you ever lose too many buildings (the monsters’ primary target) you will lose. Get your only Mechs destroyed, you lose.

Monster AI is determined by the cards in play so it can somewhat be planned for. You will have chances to upgrade your Mechs and pilots to face the stronger foes as well.

Being a pocket game that really evokes a classic Mech vs Monster movie is a rare treat for Solo gaming.

Category: Grid Movement, Scenario/Mission/Campaign

Featuring art from the insanely talented Luka Rejec, this weird fantasy/western adventure is set in the high desert. Join forces with the bandit king that is kidnapping babies to save the world, or bring him to the stern justice of the Sisters of Clemency. Choose carefully, for either would make for a powerful enemy. The Sisters can harness the power of volcanoes themselves, and the bandit king leads an army of 10,000 tuber dudes.

Designed to be a minimal preparation one-shot adventure, Invasion of Tuber Dudes brings the Weird onto your tabletop. It’s the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly meets Attack of the Killer Tomatoes mashed up into D&D!

Category: RPG

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