New Print-and-Plays (PnP) 7 Jan 21

Ukiyo is a tactical puzzle-based 18-card game for 1-4 players. Players lay cards down horizontally or vertically to create patterns of symbols within a 6×6 grid.
In multi-player mode, players are aiming to complete the task on the last card left in their hand. In solo mode, players are aiming to complete increasingly hard puzzles which consist of combinations of two, three or four tasks.
Ukiyo takes just five minutes to play and is suitable for all ages.

Category: Puzzle, memory, hand management, card game

Miyav! (That’s how cats meow in Turkish) is a “Fishing Card Game” for 2-4 players (4-player games can also be played in partnership) in which, cat breeders compete against each other by breeding the most kittens, preferably purebreds.

In alternating turns, the players breed cats and put them in front of themselves making a stack.

Each player tries to collect as many pairs as possible. Players are only able to see the topmost cat in their stack, so they must try to remember which cats they have already paired. At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins.

Category: Hand management, set collection, memory, team-based, children

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