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Super Space Bounty Hunter Pursuit

You are a bounty hunter and you captain The Pangazou, a corvette class ship. You receive a bounty to destroy  a stolen experimental military recon gunship before the thieves escapes with it through a Jump gate to the outer rim.

This is a game management style game where you will have to manage the ships shields, reactor core and weapon systems. You will also have to deal with taking fire from the enemy target on top of defense drones & mines which the enemy ship can deploy while navigating through treacherous asteroids fields.

If you like barking commands to yourself in a space/star ship, this is definitely the game for you 🙂

Category: Dice, Roll & Write

Flip Freighters

This Flip and Fill (roll and write) game has players taking on the role of a freight company owner. Over the course of three weeks(rounds) players will seek to load their trucks with good and deliver them to their customers. The earlier you deliver, the more you get paid, so time is of the essence. Will you send truck that are not fully loaded, or will you wait and see if you can fill a truck all the way up? The choice is yours.

Gameplay Overview

Each turn players will flip over 3 cards from a standard playing deck and use the cards to either load their trucks, or move them. Some trucks take certain goods (suits) and not others, while some trucks care more about the amount of goods (number on the card). Once you have decided a truck is full enough use the value on a card to move it, by marking off spaces on its path. However trucks in transit may not be loaded anymore, so choose wisely.

At the end of each week all trucks that are delivered will score, while trucks in transit count for nothing. This means that trucks scored in the first week score score 3 times total, while trucks in the second week score 2 times, and trucks scored in the last week score once. Plan your moves wisely as waiting too long could mean a lower payout than you were hoping for.

Game ends after 3 weeks each with 5 turns. Players total up money earned from all 3 weeks and the player with the most money wins. In the event of a tie the player with the most delivered trucks wins.

Category: Dice, Pick Up and Deliver, Puck Your Luck, Puzzle, Roll & Write

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