Tabletop gaming virtual conventions not to be missed!

With many major board game conventions falling victim to the coronavirus, here is a list of virtual conventions that you can attend to catch up on new releases, interviews and demos!


5– 7 Jun 2020: Renegade Games Virtual Con

19 – 21 Jun 2020: Origins Online (cancelled)

24 – 28 June 2020: BGG/Dice Tower


10 – 11 Jul 2020: Portal Con Online

17 – 19 Jul 2020: Protospiel Colorado

30 Jul – 2 Aug 2020: GenCon 2020 Online


21 – 23 Aug 2020: UK Game Expo

14-16 Aug 2020: Coulee Con 2020 Online


22 – 25 Oct 2020: Spiel.Digital


7 Nov 2020: Long Island Tabletop Gaming Expo

Please leave a comment if you have information about virtual conventions that are not on this list, I will update accordingly.

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