Print-and-Play Spotlight – Agueda

What is Agueda?

Agueda is a PNP game for 2 to 4 players. Each player has their own street column of 3 umbrellas which they try to match with the colors in the same column of the objective stack.


  • 15 Umbrella cards
  • 2 Variant cards
  • 1 Reference card

How to play?

On your turn, choose an umbrella and the specific action that is associated with that umbrella to alter the street.

When the sequence of umbrellas of your specific column meets the requirement in the objective stack which are generated by the coloured dots of 3 random umbrella cards, you win the game.

Why should you play Agueda:

Agueda has a very lean design that is super easy to learn but really hard to master. 

The rule takes only about 5 minutes to learn.  However, to win this game you have to manage the only action per turn based on actions performed by other players.  You have to spot the most efficient move by progressing your own objectives while making sure that you mess with the other players’ column of umbrella.  This endless tussle provides gamers with sufficient brain burn while remaining light on the setup.    

For a game with just 18 cards, there is a ton of replay value.  The variability is generated from the variable setup and the objective stack which varies from game to game.  The clever design of the objective stack allows for multiple use of one single umbrella card which makes it so lean and almost Japanese-like. 

This essentially makes Agueda a light and portable game which packs quite a punch in terms of decision making and replay-ability.

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