New print-and-plays (PnP) 1 Mar 20

Roll Crawl

The land is in peril! Two brave adventurers, alongside their loyal companion, set out to defeat the evil enemy boss and its sinister allies.

Roll Crawl can be played solo or by 2 players working cooperatively, each controlling their own character. Players roll 3 dice each, re-rolling up to 3 times each turn, pushing their luck to activate their characters’ abilities to defeat opponents of increasing difficulty. Players must use their own dice to activate their own character’s abilities, but can work together to activate the abilities of their companion. Choose between 6 characters and 2 companions to form the ultimate team.

The push-your-luck dice-chucking mechanics of Roll Crawl will keep players engaged and offer fun decisions on every turn.

Category: Dice, Dungeon Crawl Push-you-luck

Meadow Path

Meadow Path is a card game where you choose your kind of flower with which you try to make a largest group of your chosen kind of flower. The game is very easy to learn, one game takes about 15 minutes to play for 2-4 players, ages 7 and up.


Pick your colour/flower secretly.

Play all the cards by putting them side by side.

Count the points as descripted.

Play again to have more fun.

Category: Puzzle, Set Collection, Tile Placement

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