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Dungeon Maker: Deluxe!

You and your fellow wizards have a bad habit of pilfering each
other’s dungeons. Over the course of 3 campaigns, you will deploy nasty beasts and banes to protect your own hoard while you use magical brews and items to successfully crawl your opponents’ dungeons. Which wizard will win with the most wealth in the end?

The game has 3 phases: Fortify, Exchange, and Crawl. In the Fortify Phase, all players take each turn simultaneously, drafting 1 card to place defenders into their dungeon. In the Exchange Phase, players exchange dungeons. Each player shuffles their cards to form a personal draw pile. In the Crawl Phase, all players take each turn simultaneously, using 1 of their cards to clear defenders from their opponent’s dungeon.

The game ends for everyone when a player finishes clearing their opponent’s dungeon, or it ends for you when you run out of cards.

Category: Drafting, Simultaneous Action Selection, Tile Placement


Spies is a print-at-home game of hidden movement and deduction for 2-6 players, 20-30 minutes, ages 8 and up. You’re all spies that have infiltrated an ambassador’s mission, and each of you is tracking the player on your left (your Target). Complete your own missions, try to sabotage your Target’s missions, and figure out where your Target ends up for bonus points.

It all fits on a single sheet of paper per player (an optional but recommended shield can be printed off to block spying eyes until the end of the game). Laminate it to play it over and over again, or print off a fresh copy whenever you want to play – totally up to you.

Category: Deduction, Hidden Movement

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