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Wyrd: The Old Path

Descend into The Hollows once more and uncover the Old Path from the Darkness that threatens to consume it. It is the first step to restoring the Legacy of the Sage. And you are not Wyrd yet.

In Wyrd: The Old Path, you will re-open Ancient Vaults and decipher the ancient Lore that lay there. You will develop powerful Magik with this knowledge, and recruit fresh souls to ensure the Wyrd last forever.

Wyrd: The Old Path provides new rules for returning to the abandoned Ancient Vaults of Wyrd: The Descent and Wyrd: The Darkness and recovering forgotten Lore of powerful Magik. There are 7 new Magiks to master in this expansion, granting powers of stealth, fortune, perception, strength, healing and destruction to aid you in your Descent. These new Magiks you will have to use wisely, providing more variety and decisions to make in how you deal with the Horrors of the Hollows.

The Old Path also introduces the ability to acquire Acolytes, followers who will risk their lives for you. Gaining an Acolyte comes at a heavy price, but they will provide significant advantages in dealing with the Hollows and, if you choose, increasing the rewards of the Plights of Wyrd: The Darkness.

The Old Path is the second expansion for Wyrd: The Descent and you need a copy of it to play The Old Path. 

Category: RPG, Role-playing, Storytelling, Dice, Dungeon Crawl


Flipword is word game system that fits in your pocket. Each card of the 9-card deck contains 4 conditions for a word or phrase, and is capable of creating over 5,000 combinations of conditions for the base game. Players flip cards from a center pile to the left and right, revealing 3 conditions, then try to be the fastest to think of a word or phrase which fits these conditions. Stumped? Each player can rotate one card once during a game to swap conditions.

Category: Word Game

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