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Aleph RPG is a complete Role-Playing Game system, released under Creative Commons license and thus freely usable for any purpose.

Aleph RPG includes everything you will ever need to set up your fantasy campaign, all in a single manual:

  • Its class-less design gives total freedom in creating your character exactly as your imagination wants it to be.
  • No need to read thousands of pages of rules, though. Aleph RPG is as simple as possible and character creation only takes few minutes (no need to hire an accountant to make all the calculations!).
  • The spell-less magic system allows to invent magic spells on the fly (no more tedious long lists of spells!) and to unleash creativity as you adapt your magic based on the specific situation you are facing.
  • A lot of effort was spent to provide the highest standards in balancing every game situation and the creation of different characters.
  • In Aleph RPG the complexity of the rules can be scaled down easily to fit your preferred game style. They can even be scaled down on the spot to better support fast-paced action when it is needed.
  • Social skills are supported via a specific set of rules (you want to activate your network of contacts, make your influence count? Yes you can!).
  • Finally, its flexible design easily allows to use older settings books and adventures for other classical systems which are based on rules using the d20 die.

This new edition (2.0) improves over the previous versions of Aleph RPG and brings a load of new possibilities. Examples are:

  • Rules to make and use poisons and toxins.
  • Better magic system: most uses of magic have been clarified in great detail, with rules now supporting all sorts of spells.
  • More magic spells that let you animate objects, produce self-recharging enchanted items, set triggers and conditions, and more.
  • New specialties to personalize your characters even more.
  • Detailed rules for the most common applications of skills in a fantasy setting.
  • Rules for special/rare crafting materials.
  • Supernatural powers and magic artifacts.
  • Many optional rules to adapt Aleph RPG to your favourite fantasy setting.

Category: RPG, Roleplaying

Mini House Flipper

Run a successful house renovation business. Choose projects to take on, buy and sell materials at the right time, and employ specialists to help you complete projects on a budget. Can you keep your customers satisfied while maintaining a profit?

The goal of the game is to achieve the maximum profits and at the same time keep your customer satisfaction level high.

The game is played in 2 rounds. Each round consists of multiple turns. Start your turn by drawing 2 cards and place them on your player mat. The first cards drawn is project side up and represents your ongoing project. The second card is your project specialist.
Purchase materials to allocate them to your ongoing project or in anticipation of future price hikes.

To complete an ongoing project, you must allocate first the required resources then pass a quality check using your specialist card and your customer satisfaction level.

You may also complete company objectives which would allow you to gain abilities to aid you in completing ongoing projects.

The game ends as soon as you have drawn and resolved all the cards from the project deck on the second round. After which, you calculate the total profits made from each project.

Category: Drafting, Economic

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