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Wyrd: The Darkness

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Designer – E.J. Taylor

Artist – E.J. Taylor

Publisher – The Dark Age

The Darkness is the first expansion for Wyrd: The Descent.

Emerge from the Hollows, beaten and weary only to Descend again and again, for the World of The Living is ever threatened by The Darkness that surrounds it.

But be careful, the Horrors are not the only threat. Demons claw their way into reality, and will take Possession of you should you delve too deep.

For you are not Wyrd yet.

In The Darkness you will attempt to link your games of Wyrd: The Descent together by developing your Wyrd and avoiding the risk of Possession.

This is the full colour rulebook for The Darkness updated to 2.15 including an updated FAQ, clarifications to the Laws of Possession with examples and the Sigils for the modular PnP Hollows tiles in the reference section. There are also two play sheets to print out to draw your Hollows on, with and without a grid.


  • Rulebook (22 pages)

Additional Components Required:

  • A set of polyhedral dice
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Paper

Wyrd: The Darkness

Players: 1
Duration: 30-90 Min
Age: 12+

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