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Vault is a 15 minute solitaire game that you can play with 5 dice, a pencil, and game sheet.

In Vault you play as a bank robber who is trying to crack a specialized vault. Through the rolling of dice, and careful planning, you hope to get out with as many gemstones as you can before all the locks on the vault close. Some locks contain more gemstones than others, so it is up to you to decide where to spend your time. Are you the next Pink Panther? Find out in Vault: A Solitaire Dice Game!

This Premium version of Vault offers 18 total levels to play through with both the original, and uploaded artwork. Whether you are new to Vault, or a veteran, we hope that these levels will offer new challenges for you as you seek to improve your lock picking skills.”


Dice, Roll-and-write

Monsters and the things that destroy them

A memory and bluffing game featuring monster cards from classic literature (plus some modern ones like “hunk vampire” and “teen wolf”) and the neutralizer cards that can destroy them. Each monster has an ability such as triggering the top card of your discard pile. You don’t play cards from your hand; you take cards from a 4-card pool and trigger the card as you take it. At the end of the game players discard down to their best 2 cards. Neutralizers then destroy their corresponding monsters, and the player with the best surviving combination of cards wins.

This series features multiple sets, each standalone or compatible. They are: The Dark, The Deep, The Dead, and The Dinos (coming soon)


Bluffing, Deduction, Hand Management, Drafting, Memory

A compilation of new Print & Play can be here:

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