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Travelers of Tryphosa

Embark on an adventure in a mythical land in Travelers of Tryphosa, a fantasy questing board game!

  • Play team-vs-team game with strong team cooperation.
  • Decide how you want to overcome encounters: combat, charm, tame, etc.
  • Influence dice rolls using Tenacity – tokens earned when your character makes a mistake.
  • Develop and level-up your characters how you see fit.
  • Determine your fate by visiting camps where creatures and quests wait for you.

Each turn, travel with your adventuring party, complete tasks on your Quest Cards to earn quest points and gold, and purchase items and abilities. In the event phase, you may discover a quest or encounter a friendly or hostile creature – complete the encounter to earn points and loot. Then, level up your characters!

The game ends when a party completes 8 quests and/or creature encounters! After the final round, all parties enters a Battle Royale for extra points. The party with the most points wins the game!

Category: Dice, Team-based, Grid Movement

Micro Monster Factory

You are one of two mad scientists who started a lab in the sewers. Send your Minion to buy body parts and do the dastardly deed to create the most hideously cute monster your evil genius mind comes up with.

Use your Minion to buy Monster parts by moving to adjacent spaces on the parts shop and paying for that part using your funds. Bribe, take advantage and create a Monster on the action space on the parts shop. Use your Monster’s ability to manipulate part’s prices.
The game ends when a player creates 4 Monsters, each player will then reveal their agenda to score points. Players will also receive bonus points for completing objectives.

Category: Dice, worker placement

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