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Spotlight is a head to head card game of claiming areas with your secret suit. Each turn is a simple, yet tough choice of playing a single card from your hand. Will you be able to time your card plays, bluff your opponent, claim more areas, and win more points?

The game begins with 4 area cards laid out. Players take one card from their hand and lay it face down under their card. This is their secret suit and will affect scoring at the end of the round. Players alternate laying cards under each area down in order to meet the conditions of the Area Card. Once all cards have been laid, the secret suit cards are revealed and the points totaled.

The player with the most points after 3 rounds, wins.

Spotlight includes a solo mode where you play against the AI “Light”, attempting to win Areas as Light plays down twice as many cards. How well will you be able to beat the automated system?

Category: Abstract, Area Control, Trick Taking, Deduction

My Small Garden

You’ve got a lot of potted plants for your new flat and you’ve got to make sure that they’re all properly placed.

My Small Garden is a cooperative puzzle game for 1 or 2 players and plays almost exactly the same at both player count. Remember which seeds you’ve planted and manage your hand to put out the pots and plants you need. This small card game combines spatial card placement with memory, variable goals, and deductive elements to create a unique challenge each time you play.

Players shuffle 2 decks and build a 4×4 grid by playing cards one at a time. Players have multiple goals they can pick to win the game. This is made more difficult as some cards are played upside down so they remain hidden til the end of the game for scoring.

My Small Garden combines memory and strategy in a quick little card game.

Category:  Cooperative, Deduction, Memory

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