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Dragons of Etchinstone

Etchinstone, the last great nation under the wide reaches of Valorfall, is under grave threat of a kind no one saw coming. Four ancient dragons have seized control of pivotal strongholds in every direction–North, South, East and West. It’s up to you, the strongest of the rare Ether Mages, to make the perilous quest to each of these strongholds, defeat the dragons, and bring peace back to Etchinstone.

In Dragons of Etchinstone, you, the brave Ether Mage, must work your way through four Regions and a challenging final encounter against one of the four dragons. You’ll use your Action cards to manage dangerous Journeys and formidable Enemies. Defeat them, and your reward is XP, which you can use to upgrade your action cards. Defeat or narrow victories against Journeys results in losing time, which may force you to face the dragon before you feel ready. Defeat or narrow victories against Enemies results in taking damage, which forces you to downgrade your Action cards and weakens your power.

Category: Drafting


Birdscaping is an 18-card game in which players compete to get the best and greatest number of birds to join their backyard bird sanctuary. Discard cards from your hand and activate cards in your tableau to make improvements to your yard features (pond, garden and trees) as you attract curious birds into your tableau. Work to play higher-cost cards as you build up your engines to gain food, nesting areas, and the attention of curious birds.

Birdscaping is a free print and play game for 1 to 2 players and plays in about 15 minutes per player. It uses familiar Euro mechanisms including engine building, tableau building, hand management and card drafting.

Category: Cards, Multi-use card

Warrior Heroes: Warring Fleets

What: Sword and Sorcery Fantasy ship rules.
Scale: Individual ships for small and large battles.
Your Role: Lead a small fleet of National Navy, Pirates, or Merchants.
Playability: Designed for solo, same-side, and head to head play.

Playable with the counters we’ve included or any minis you may already have. In Warring Fleets you command a fleet of one of the 30+ Nations and Races found in Talomir. Recruit your fleet rising in size as you do well. Track the progress of your Star, you, with light bookkeeping. Gain rewards when you succeed, suffer penalties when you fail. Perform well and you can command the seas!

Inside you’ll find:
* Over 30 unique Fleets to play.
* 50+ large color counters.
* A variety of troop types.
* An easy Campaign Tracking system to see if your Star, you, increases in skill while gaining Fame and Fortune.
* Historical based navies allowing you to fight historical battles as well as fantasy battles.
All this and much more.

Do you have what it takes to command the seas?

Warring Fleets.

Your game, play it your way!

Category: Dice, War Game

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