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SA01 Art Print

Mel is an illustrator and designer from Singapore. She specialises in environment art, background illustration, and graphic design across different mediums. Beyond illustration, she also has a keen love for 3D modelling and drinking a lot of green tea.
Her inspiration behind this poster stems from the iconic Sagrada Familia itself.  To portray the feeling of stained glass, she combined elements of pop art and cubism, with clean outlines and vibrant colours. The final outcome is a graphic art poster that aims to bring forth the fun nature of Sagrada, while giving it a different yet familiar look.
Enjoy the awesome museum-quality fine art print available in 5 versatile sizes to meet your needs. Each premium quality poster is giclée-printed on a thick, archival, acid-free, and durable matte paper.
.: Paper weight: 5.6 oz/y² (192 g/m²)
.: Giclée print quality
.: 5 sizes
.: Matte finish
.: For indoor use
Prints are shipped in a cardboard tubes, which are extra thick for safety. Each product is hand rolled in protective tissue paper.

The Forgotten Road

One of the heroes in your party has been taken captive in a dungeon far beyond the edge of the wild. Now, you’ll have to travel down the forgotten road and traverse dangerous and unforgiving territory to get them back.

The Forgotten Road is a hand-management game in which you need to play your action cards and use your special abilities as efficiently as possible to take out monsters, pass skill checks, move to new locations, and defeat bosses of ever-increasing difficulty. The game ends when either you run out of action cards or health and lose — or you defeat the final boss at the end of the road/dungeon deck and win.

Category: Dice Hand Management

The Hand of Destiny

Waves of minions accompany an evil monster ravaging the land in the Realm of Shadows. Fight off each wave and defeat the menacing final boss to bring light to the darkness!

The Hand of Destiny is a no-table-needed, solo game played completely in your hands. You’ll use your hero’s limited strength resources and unique abilities to vanquish foes and move through the deck. Manage your health, upgrade your hero, and play cards as efficiently as possible to win the day.

Category: Hand Management

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