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Wizard Thieves

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Designer – Jeremy Rozenhart

Artist – Jeremy Rozenhart

Based on the classic card game Egyptian Rat Screw, Wizard Thieves is a fast paced, reflex sharpening card game of unruly magic and treasure snatchery!

Players take turns revealing Loot cards from their Decks, building the Pot up bigger and bigger until somebody claims it. This happens either when a Grab Challenge or a Treasure Challenge comes into play – Grab Challenges being initiated when certain patterns of treasures get played into the Pot, and Treasure Challenges whenever someone reveals a Treasure card, giving the following player a set number of chances to reveal another before the Pot is taken.

Winning a Pot, however, does not mean winning the game! For that you must either collect all of the Loot available in game, or hang on to what you got until everyone else is eliminated by The Curse.

Use your wits, speed, and a variety of Magic Items to out-thief your fellow wizard cohorts, but be careful not to try and steal the Pot when you’re not supposed to, or you will become cursed, and run the risk of being knocked out of the game!


  • 36 Gemstone Cards
  • 16 Treasure Cards
  • 4 Player Status Cards
  • 8 Magic Item Cards
  • 1 Rulebook (1 page)
Sample cards

Wizard Thieves

Players: 2-4
Duration: 10-20 Min
Age: 8+

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