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Kingdom of Tetrahexia

Agromensor, the Kingdom’s Royal Landscaper has died. The King has opened the doors of the castle in search for a new talent that would even come close to the prowess of the old designer. You are one of the many aspiring young souls vying for the title of Royal Landscaper. You will need to build a grand plan of the kingdom, showing efficient use of resources, economic routes, and provide safety and security to the inhabitants of the kingdom in order to impress the King. Are you up to the task to mold the topography of the Kingdom and become the new Royal Landscaper? Download the game and find out.

Category: Dice, Roll-and-write

A Simple Life 

You just moved to the province to live a simple life. You promised yourself you’ll get things done in 10 days. Plant crops, make friends, mine the mountains, populate your pond and donate to the museum to achieve your goals.

A simple life is a 1-2 player roll & write game inspired by relaxing pixel art farming video games such as Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon.

Game Summary
The game is played in 10 rounds. Each round you roll 5 dice. Use the dice on locations on the sheet and perform the location’s action. When you run out of dice the round ends and a new round is started. If you completed your goal at the end of the game, count your score.

Category: Cooperative, Dice, Roll-and-write

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