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Wandering souls moving through the universe compete to be born with the best stellar alignment´s and the greatest astral potential. In your role as a soul, you must gather the greatest number of constellations related to natural elements, defend yourself, expand or frustrate the plans of other souls that are competing to reach material life with the strongest attributes.

The objective of the game is to achieve the highest number of astral points, which you can get by completing small constellations, sets of constellations with the same element, achieving compatibility with the other zodiacal signs and avoiding proximity to the dying stars known as Novas. In the end the player with the most points will be the winner of astral.

Category: Dice, Roll-and-Write

The Last Stronghold

The forces of darkness have pushed all the way south, destroying everything in their path. The city of Lux is all that stands in their way from completely overtaking the realm. A small group of heroes must work together to fend off the evil army long enough to take out its leader.

The Last Stronghold is a dice-driven siege game in which you must fend off monsters in the areas surrounding Lux and prevent them from overtaking the city. You use special abilities and magical artifacts to manipulate the dice and monsters, with the goal of eventually taking out the final boss…should you last long enough. On your turn, you add threats to the board, decide which threats you want to deal with, move to that location, roll dice and use hero abilities to get rid of those threats, and repeat until you either defeat the final boss OR all heroes are incapacitated OR the main city you’re protecting takes too much damage.

Category: Cooperative, Dice

Adventures of D

Elzoof, the chaos wizard, has returned and will claim the throne very soon!
You, as a hero, will defeat monsters, complete quests, learn skills, gain items, and upgrade stats (STR/AGL/INT) in an exciting journey throughout the island. You must find a way to bypass the magic barrier inside the Tower of Death, then defeat Elzoof!

Adventure of D (2nd edition) is a fantasy adventure card game for 1-3 players. You can play the game solo, competitive, and new to AoD2: cooperative.

Using the diceless Power Card System, you must plan where you MOVE and where you REST. You can control the random Events and you will make meaningful decisions, every Turn.

Cateogry: Cooperative, Hand Management

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