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The Fearsome Deities

You have been sent to investigate strange events in a distant region. Loud noises and paranormal presences have been reported.

In this card game you must protect your sanity level, if you completely lose sanity you will be out of the game. Each card has a MONSTER RANK in roman numbers. Creatures of the Cthulhu Mythos starting with the most powerful OUTER GODS (I), then GREAT OLD ONES (II), MINOR GODS (III) and CULTIST (IV).

Each player will start with 5 cards in his hand and one mission card. Depending on your strategy, you can group cards to launch attacks and make other players lose their sanity, or you can decide to group cards that allow you to replenish your sanity points.

Choose wisely the card you will play or your sanity will be drain by outer space beings.

There are mission cards. Complete the missions and fill it with the tokens to win the game.

Category: Hand Management

Gem Getter

In Gem Getter, you and your friends will compete to dig the most efficient mine and become the greatest getter of gems. A game is played in 9 rounds. Each round you will…

ROLL to determine which polyomino dig patterns are available,
DIG your chosen pattern into the mine, and
COLLECT heaps of gems with unique scoring conditions.

Efficient digging of rows/columns and around boulders will reward you with bonus gems! Find oil to keep the digging machines running a little longer with small bonus dig patterns.

There are 8 unique mines to dig in, and 2 roll sheets to choose from for plenty of variety. A game of Gem Getter plays in around 15-30 minutes, and any number of players can join you as long as you have enough sheets!

Category: Set Collection, Tile Placement

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