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There’s a hole in the Bucket

Henry just can’t breakout of this classic 1700’s deadlock situation and Liza doesn’t always offer the best advice. Perhaps moving quickly will resolve the broken bucket issue once and for all.


Players race to place the image previous or following the current image on top, ridding their draw pile and hand
of cards. The card images make a complete cycle, a backwards or forwards looping sequence. The first player
to play all their cards and say, “Fixed it, dear Liza” wins.

Category: Children, Dexterity, Family, Set Collection

For Northwood!

For Northwood! is a solo precision trick-taking game. Your objective is to peacefully unify the kingdom of Northwood through conversations with their rulers. Over eight rounds, you must visit eight animal fiefs and engage their rulers in dialogue (tricks). Each ruler’s suit represents the trump for that fief. Each ruler also requires you to win an exact number of tricks to join your alliance, so the game gets harder as your options dwindle.

You start with four allies, each with an ability that you can use once per visit. These abilities can make you draw, discard, or otherwise manipulate your hand to help you hit the target score. Once you’ve won a ruler over, you can pull them in to substitute temporarily for one of your allies, if you need a more specific set of abilities to tackle the harder fiefs.

Three of the fiefs have stars on their back. In the standard game, you flip over all fiefs you’ve won after visiting all eight; you win the game if you reveal all three stars. You can still win even if you don’t win over all the rulers, but only an eight-fief sweep can assure victory. In the expert rules, you MUST win all the fiefs, so you must maximize your abilities and sequencing well! Each ruler is double-sided, so the game offers a lot of ability combinations and a new puzzle every time.

Category: Trick-taking, Hand Management

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