Tike's Dungeoneering: Rubrus Beach Cave

Additional information

Design By: Shawn Hescock

Writing & Editing by: Caitlin Hescock

Art for the Sample Tikes: Joe Garcia 

Art for the Gippli and Giant Toad: Rick Hershey 

Interior Illustrations: Indi Martin 

Cartography: Dyson Logos 

The Tikes take their rascally friend Rae, the Baby Owlbear, on a seemingly peaceful jaunt to the beach. However, when Rae’s little belly gets the best of her, they are all in for a world of adventure and excitement.

The files include:

  • The adventure text
  • Print & Play sheets for items and 2D cutout miniatures
  • Full size (18×18) map

Tike's Dungeoneering: Rubrus Beach Cave

Players: NA
Duration: NA
Age: 10+

USD $3.99

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