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The Way of the Avatar

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Designer – Shawn Hescock

Artist – Joe Garcia

Publisher – Geek Collaborative Gaming

As the Avatar, it is your duty to serve the reigning Lord of Britannia. It is your passion to strive for mastery of each of the eight virtues. It is your quest to tame the dungeons, each representing its own sin.

The game consists of rounds, each round the player will do the following action items until the end game goals are reached.

Roll four 8-sided die, and three 6-sided die [4D8 + 3D6] then:

  1. Assign one D8 dice value to the list of CITIES. The number rolled represents the city which has called for aid. For example: if you assign a six, Lord British has called for you to assist the city of Skara Brae.
  2. Next, assign each of the three categories, THE TASK, THE VIRTUE, and, THE DUNGEON one of the remaining D8 values. For example: if you rolled a 2 and two 6s, you could assign the 2 to THE TASK, and each of the 6s to THE VIRTUE and THE DUNGEON. This would mean that the Avatar is to complete the task of Deliver a Message, meditate in the virtue of Honor, and battle in the dungeon of Shame. If the dice results do not allow for further progress, simply assign a dice to an already completed option and do not record any outcomes.
  3. To settle the task, refer to THE TASK and TASK RESULT tables, assign one of the D6 values to the result and record the outcome on the play sheet. When a task is successfully completed, the Avatar gains favor with the city from which the task was given. Fill in one square for that city on the map portion of the play sheet to track the progress. If the task is failed nothing is recorded. When all four squares are full the city will offer the Avatar a gift which will provide advantages for the rest of the play, these advantages DO stack. It is not required to complete one of each task.
  4. To settle the virtue, the Avatar simply meditates and gains one point in that virtue. Record the added virtue on the play sheet by filling in a single square next to that virtue on the right side. When all squares are filled, the virtue has been mastered.
  5. To settle the dungeon, refer to THE DUNGEON and DUNGEON BATTLE tables. Dungeon battles will increase in difficulty as they progress; the last stage of the dungeon is the boss. When a dungeon battle is won, fill in a square next to the associated dungeon to show progress. If the battle is lost, no progress is recorded. The dungeon is considered cleared when the final square is filled in. Refer to the Combat section.
  6. A second D6 value is assigned to a randomizer, refer to the RANDOMIZER table.
  7. The third D6 is usually a wildcard but may be used as a task additional result assignment.

Fame and Karma are awarded or taken away depending on the results of THE TASK and THE DUNGEON. As the Avatar increases their Fame, they can use it to increase their power. For every 5,000 points of fame obtained, the Avatar can advance one stat to the next value shown. Refer to the Avatar section for more information. Karma can be traded for combat re-rolls or temporary bonuses, see Karma Allocation. Track the Fame and Karma in the allocated space on the play sheet paperdoll. Karma can be negative, but it does not affect the Avatar.

After all records have been kept and any combat is resolved, start the next round of play.


  • Rules (4 pages)
  • Roll-and-write sheet (1 page)

Additional Component Required

  • 10-sided dice (or one percentile die and one standard D10)

  • 4 x 8-sided dice

  • 3 x 6-sided dice

  • Sharp pencil

  • Calculator for quick math.

The Way of the Avatar

Players: 1
Duration: 45-60 Min
Age: 8+

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