The Language of Magic

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Designer – Shawn Hescock

Artist – Indi Martin

Publisher – Geek Collaborative Gaming

The Language of Magic is a deck-building card game for 1 to 4 players inspired by the works of Richard Garriott.

The Language of Magic is a game which can be played in two ways: 2-player duel – players attempt to build an arsenal of powerful Words of Magic to overcome their opponent, or 2-4 player cooperative or solitary play – players work together to battle the Lich and its minions, defeating it before it can cast its final spell. As a solo or co-op player, you take on the role of the Avatar, chosen heroes of spirituality……who are to do battle with the Master of Hythloth, the vile Nefarious Lich Lord and his minions of the abyss.

There are 26 words of power, each representing their own idea. These words can be combined to make powerful spells to harm, mend, protect, or alter the creatures and the world around you. Some words, the incantations, direct the polarity of the spell. Will you create, negate, or steal? Other words add elemental powers, some can add to or multiply the effect. There are so many possible spells, you will need to play it for yourself to see what you can come up with.


  • 40-page rulebook
  • 15 x 1” by 1” initiative tokens
  • 56 x small round tokens
  • 4 x sets of 26 word cards
  • 4 x jumbo-sized avatar cards
  • 4 x jumbo-sized turn order sequence cards
  • 1 x jumbo-sized lich card
  • 6 x tarot-sized minion cards
  • 6 x tarot sized abyss cards
  • 24 x elemental creature cards
  • 50 x lich spell cards

Additional Component Required

  • 5 x 6-sided dice

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The Language of Magic

Players: 1-4
Duration: 30-75 Min
Age: 10+

USD $5.99

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