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The Blackjack River


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Designer – Gregg Jewell

Artist – Cam Kendell

Rivers aka The Blackjack River is a solitaire tile-placement and set collection standard deck playing card game. Form river distributaries, full of 21 fish, off of the main Blackjack River until the river runs dry. Fishermen can help control fish overpopulation. Formed distributaries full of similar and matching fish are worth more points!


Standard 52-card deck

Additional Component Required



Jokers are optional, but make the game a little easier. Ace through 10 represent river segments, each pip represents a fish. The face cards represent fishermen. Kings reduce a river segment by 3 fish, Queens by 2 fish, and Jacks by 1 fish. Jokers can reduce a river segment by 1, 2, or 3 fish based on player choice…

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The Blackjack River

Players: 1
Duration: 15 Min
Age: 6+

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