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Space Privateer Command

Additional information

Designer – Kelvin Soong

Artist – Scott Vanden Bosch

Space Privateer Command is a space adventure game played on 18 cards where one will have to trade commodities from planet to planet, complete missions ranging from destroy freighter mission to escorting VIPS while playing a story line. Strap yourself into this space adventure and blast some pirates or bribe your way out of sticky situations.


  • Rulebook (23 pages)
  • 18 cards

Additional Components Required

  • 25 Cube Tokens (10 Blue & 15 Red)
  • 10 (D6) dice min.
  • 1 Ship Token (may use cube token or print out Privateer 03 tokens.pdf)

Space Privateer Command

Players: 1
Duration: 60 Min
Age: 12+

USD $0.00

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