Skinner's Sanctum and The Dungeoneer's Guide Bundle

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Design and Writing – Shawn Hescock

This is a bundle deal.  You will be getting both the Dungeoneer’s Guide Core Rulebook and The Skinner’s Sanctum.

The Dungeoneer’s Guide is a core set of fantasy role-playing game (RPG) rules intended to accommodate various formats of play. Whether with a solitary daring Dungeoneer, or an entire party of bold heroes, you’ll delve deep into narrative-driven stories and exciting exploits. The rules are simple, fast, and designed to complement a wide range of themes, genres, and play styles.

Every Dungeoneer is a unique individual. Each has their own background, experiences, and training. Your Dungeoneer is fully customizable with three Stats, eight Skills, and a variety of other aspects. There are no Character “classes”, and you are not restricted to any specific Dungeoneer templates. These factors are part of what makes our RPG more universal.

You create the Dungeoneer you want, precisely the way you wish.

The Dungeoneer’s Guide is a complete RPG system. Inside, you will find:

  • A fast and straightforward Character Creation process that will enable you to build your very own Dungeoneer.
  • Simple yet versatile rules for Solo Play, readily adaptable for Multiple Players and/or a Game Master.
  • Complete rules for Magic, which can be utilized by any Dungeoneer.
  • A unique system for Character Advancement.
  • All the Armor, Weapons, and Supplies a Dungeoneer needs to start adventuring.
  • A Quick Reference Guide for all types of Actions, and a Turn Order Sequence Guide.

Design and Writing – Caitlin and Shawn Hescock

The Skinner’s Sanctum is a 1 to 6+ player adventure that uses the Dungeoneer’s Guide rule system. It is designed to be a one-shot that takes 2-3 hours to play through with a full group; even the solo-play will take about 1.5 hours. However, you’re not only paying for the adventure, but you are also getting the complete Core Rulebook for The Dungeoneer’s Guide which can be used to homebrew all sorts of fun adventures and campaigns. The Dungeoneer’s Guide was heavily inspired by Ultima Online and you will see elements of that in the game. The sandbox style, the paperdoll frame around the character artwork, the resistances, etc. 

The files include:

  • The 92-page Adventure Text
  • 2D cutout miniatures
  • 11×17 maps

In order to play this adventure, you will need:

  • The Dungeoneer’s Guide, Core Rulebook (V1.0)
  • Printed maps of the Sanctum, the Crypt, and road locations
  • Dice, paper, and pencil


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Skinner's Sanctum and The Dungeoneer's Guide Bundle

Players: 1-6+
Duration: 2-3 hours
Age: NA

USD $9.99

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