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Designer – Peter C. Hayward

Artist – Kelly Jo

Publisher – Jellybean Games

In this fast-playing card game, players scheme, battle and steal to be the first to collect 21 doubloons. Each turn either draw a card or play a card – cards can be played as either treasure or as an action. Do you want to draw 2 cards, or steal the treasure chest your opponent just played? Or would you rather wipe the board…knowing that your booty is protected!

Scuttle!’ is a card game for 1-5 valiant pirates, suitable for players as young as 6. Based on the classic game CuttleScuttle! has been infused with the drama of the high seas thanks to creative updated rules by Peter C. Hayward. With gorgeous, adventurous art by Kelly Jo, Scuttle! is fun for the whole family.


  • 56 Cards
  • Rulebook (3 pages)

Additional Component Required

  • None


English, French, German, Spanish, Slovenian versions available

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Players: 1-5
Duration: 5-10 Min
Age: 6+

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