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Satchel: A Journey Unknown

Additional information

Designer – Ivan Alexiev, Vesselin Alexiev

Artist – Vesselin Alexiev

Satchel: A Journey Unknown is a solo adventure game. You are an adventurer sent on a quest to find a lost artifact in order to save the world. Scattered throughout the land are magical altars which hold clues to the items location, but they are well guarded. Someone or something doesn’t want you finding the source of all this madness. Find the artifact before time runs out, or all is lost.

Game Overview

Every turn you will be revealing a part of the map, which is different with each game. The game features multi-use cards, which you may trade for items and gold or imbue into weapons to fend off dangerous creatures. With the coins you earn, you can upgrade your abilities making your survival more likely. An AI system will be moving around and spawning new creatures, so choose your fights wisely.

Game Setup

Game Play Through

Satchel: A Journey Unknown

Players: 1
Duration: 30-60 Min
Age: 8+

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