Raging Bulls: Special Edition

Additional information

Designer – Mark Tuck

Artist – Mark Tuck

Raging Bulls is the roll and write game of fencing in bulls in fields. 

This Special Edition also features some amorous cows (each will need matching up with a bull) as well as a pond that your fences can’t cross.

Another new mechanic is the ability to recycle wood (unused dice) to gain a dice modifying saw.


  • 1 game page
  • Rules (1 page)
  • Special edition ‘Straight Hedge’ mini ruler
  • A low ink (black) game page is also supplied

Additional components required

  • 3 regular dice
  • Pen or pencil
  • Something to draw a straight line with (if not using the ‘Straight Hedge’!)

Game Objective

Use dice rolls to build fences (draw lines) across a field in order to enclose and separate the bulls in it, and to pair up any cow you find with a bull.

As well as working out where best to build your fence, you’ll also need to plan for the next ones. 

There is also an element of push your luck – do you risk losing a life (mallet) by going for that final fence to complete the field or move on to the next field and score less points?

The game consists of 4 fields of increasing difficulty.


The original Raging Bulls was a 2017 Golden Geek Best Print & Play Game Nominee

Raging Bulls: Special Edition

Players: 1
Duration: 20-30 Min
Age: 8+

USD $1.99

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