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Old Town Road

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Designer – Gregg Jewell

Old Town Road is an in-hand solo card game following your encounters with outlaws along the infamous road leading to Old Town.

On your turn, you’ll use an action on one of your 6 face up cards, shooting targets or robbing banks to flip cards to increase VPs or to put cards to the back of your deck creating sequences of 3-card poker hands, worth VPs at the end of the game. At the end of the game, you’ll calculate your score by adding up points for each of your poker sequences as well as VPs for wanted posters and bank robberies.


  • 29 Cards
  • Rulebook (3 pages)

Additional Components Required:

  • None

The product is a downloadable file.  No physical product will be shipped.

Old Town Road

Players: 1
Duration: 10-20 Min
Age: 10+

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