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Off the Rails

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Designer – Andrew Platt, Stuart Platt

Artist – Andrew Platt

Publisher – Rotten Games

Off the Rails is a strategic, competitive, tile placement, roller-coaster of a board game for 1-4 players recommended for ages 12+. Players control a team of gem-hungry goblins racing uncontrollable mine carts underground to retrieve the most jewels before the earth collapses into the deadly chasm below!

Easy to pick up and play but with a compelling strategic puzzle for more hardened gamers to master, Off the Rails combines thoughtful tile placement and planning with cut-throat racing and out of control anticipation! Culminating in the total destruction of the board, can you leave your opponents eating your gold-dust and escape the chasm with the most expensive gems?


  • Rules (10 individual pages with instructions on how to assemble)
  • Game Board, Tokens, Mission Cards, Tiles, Deposit Cards, Jewel Tokens, Minecarts, Stockpiles. 

Additional Component Required:

  • 8 six-sided dice

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Off the Rails

Players: 1-4
Duration: 30-60 Min
Age: 12+

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