No Fish!

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Designer – Louis Wittig 

Artist – Randy Otter

What is No Fish!?

As a kid, everyone knew the classic card game Go Fish! Which is kind of a bittersweet memory because these days our oceans are dying. So we updated the game to fit the time, and created No Fish! A Game of Environmental Catastrophe for the Whole Family. No Fish! is good, clean, apocalyptic fun for adults and a great way to teach kids age-five-and-up about where our environment is at now and where the logic of zero-sum consumerism will take us.

How Do You Play?

Suitable for ages five and up, No Fish! is like Go Fish! played backwards. Instead of collecting sea creatures, they all go into an extinction pile. The goal of the game is to make your opponents’ creatures go extinct while sticking them with all the ocean plastic. The last player holding a living organism “wins.”


  • Rulebook (1 page)

Additional Component Required

  • None

No Fish!

Players: 3-5
Duration: 10-20 Min
Age: 5+

USD $2.99

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