Lawless Empire

Players assume the various roles in a Mafia setting to vie for the most lawless person with the most Mafiaso Points. Win with clever dice management, sharp negotiations, or both.


  • Negotiate with everything that you have, like a Mafia.

  • Hidden roles that provide bonus scoring.

Dice Play

  • Dice placement and management.

  • Numerous ways to mitigate bad luck.

  • Move, exchange, remove, and many ways to change not just your own dice but also oppositions'.


  • 5544 combinations to play.

  • Each combination changes the playing dynamics.

Game Specs

Box Content

  • 50 Resource custom D6
  • 40 Soldato tokens
  • 45 Assist acrylic cubes
  • 90 Bribery and Lucre tokens
  • 13 Plan and indicator large tiles
  • 40 Orders mini cards
  • 16 Opportunity cards
  • 8 Syndicate tiles
  • 1 Velvet pouch
  • 1 Rulebook

Lawless Empire

Board Game