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Kingdom Maps

Additional information

Designer – Martin Oddino

Artist – Lucas Charra

Publisher – RunDOS Studio

The king has sent his best cartographers to draw a map of the kingdom’s territories. The player who returns with the closest map to reality will be the winner.

In this roll & write game each player must draw different types of territories on his sheet, trying to fulfill as best as possible 4 different scoring criteria different in each game. On his turn the player must decide what type of territory is going to be drawn that turn, roll the dice and choose a result to define the amount he wants to draw of the chosen territory. The rest of the players must choose the amount among from the remaining dice and draw the type of territory chosen by the active player.

When a player cannot draw on his map the game ends and the points are counted according to the 4 criteria selected at the beginning of the game.


  • Rulebook (1 page)
  • Player Sheet (1 page)

Additional Component Required

  • Pen
  • As many six-sided dice as the number of player plus 1

Sample Player Sheet

Kingdom Maps

Players: 1-4
Duration: 20-40 Min
Age: 10+

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