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El alquimista de los dados

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Designer – Jorge Malmierca Delgado

Artist – Jorge Malmierca Delgado

El alquimista de los dados (“The alchemist of the dice”) is a family game of 2 to 4 players, between 20 and 35 minutes, of set collection, and taking risk with the dice rolls, where you will try to be the first to elaborate the necessary potions to recover the trust of the count.

To do this, you will gather flasks of ingredients, special potions, ancient grimoires, and you will have a small chance to bother your rivals, with the aim of being the first to score 10 points with your potions.

On each turn, players will be able to perform one of 4 actions. Draw 2 flask cards, either from the deck or face up cards. Get one special flask, these modify the result of the dice.
Claim a grimoire, paying its cost in cards. Or try to brew a potion, discarding the corresponding cards.

To be successful brewing a potion, it will be necessary to at least obtain the required value with a roll of the dices. That’s where the grimoires and special flask will come into play if you have them.

If you are successful, place the collected potion in your play area. If not, you must discard 2 of your used cards when trying to brew the potion. If you get the exact amount, you will have an extra turn.

Players will alternate turns until one of them achieves at least 10 points with their potions.


  • Rulebook (8 pages)
  • 98 Cards

Additional Components Required

  • 5 six-sided dice

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El alquimista de los dados

Players: 2-4
Duration: 20-40 Min
Age: 8+

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